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Are you seeking a refined, rejuvenated look? Discover how Dysport injections at Wisdom Esthetics can help you achieve a youthful and confident appearance.

Wisdom Esthetics offers jawline contouring in Montreal to those looking to enhance the natural features of the jaw and chin.

Discover Enhanced Facial Contours with Dysport Treatments

At Wisdom Esthetics, we excel in the art of enhancing facial contours to create a naturally beautiful and balanced appearance. Our expert practitioners specialize in the precise administration of Dysport, a neuromodulator that effectively smooths dynamic wrinkles and fine lines. Whether you desire softer expression lines, a more relaxed look, or an overall refreshed appearance, our tailored approach ensures results that enhance your confidence and allure.

Interested in revitalizing your facial features with Dysport injections? Schedule a consultation with our experienced team at Wisdom Esthetics and discover how our personalized treatments can elevate your facial aesthetics and confidence.

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a neuromodulator that contains botulinum toxin type A, which temporarily relaxes the muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles and fine lines. By inhibiting muscle contractions, Dysport smooths out expression lines, giving your face a more relaxed and youthful appearance. It is particularly effective for treating forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines between the eyebrows.

Are Injectable Neuromodulators, Like Dysport, a Good Option for You?

Dysport can be an excellent option if you:
If these align with your needs and goals, Dysport injections at Wisdom Esthetics may be the perfect solution for you. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Dysport can enhance your facial aesthetics.

Dysport Pricing in Montreal

In Montreal, the average price per unit ranges from $10 to $15, with treatments typically costing between $200 to $600 per session, depending on the treatment area and desired results. At Wisdom Esthetics, we offer competitive and customized pricing tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our Dysport treatments include a comprehensive assessment, precise administration by experienced professionals, and follow-up care to ensure optimal results. Investing in Dysport at Wisdom Esthetics means prioritizing your safety, satisfaction, and natural beauty.

How Does Dysport Work? What are the benefits?

Dysport works by using botulinum toxin type A to temporarily relax the muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles and fine lines. When injected into targeted areas, Dysport blocks the nerve signals that cause muscle contractions, smoothing out expression lines and providing a more relaxed, youthful appearance. The process involves using a fine needle to administer the Dysport injections, and a numbing cream may be applied beforehand to ensure comfort during the procedure.

Benefits of Dysport

Dysport effectively reduces wrinkles, particularly smoothing forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines between the eyebrows, with noticeable improvements within a few days. As a non-surgical option with minimal downtime, it allows for quick return to daily activities. The results are natural-looking and seamlessly integrate with the surrounding tissues. Customizable to your unique facial features and aesthetic goals, Dysport offers long-lasting effects, enhancing your appearance for up to five months. Choosing Dysport at Wisdom Esthetics ensures precise administration and personalized care, boosting your facial aesthetics and confidence.

What to Expect During Treatment

Preparing for a Dysport treatment involves several key steps to ensure optimal results and a smooth experience:

Firstly, schedule a consultation with our experienced practitioners at Wisdom Esthetics to discuss your aesthetic goals and share any relevant medical history or medications. This is also the time to address any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure.

Prior to Dysport Treatment:

Avoid taking blood-thinning medications or supplements, as these can increase the risk of bruising. Arrive at your appointment with clean skin, free of makeup or skincare products, and consider wearing comfortable clothing to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Our practitioners may apply a numbing cream to the treatment areas to enhance your comfort.

During Treatment:

Dysport will be precisely injected into the targeted areas to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. The procedure is quick, lasting only 10 to 15 minutes, and involves minimal discomfort. There is no downtime, so you can return to your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

What to Expect After Treatment & Recovery Tips

After Dysport treatment, you can expect some mild swelling and potential bruising at the injection sites, which typically subsides within a few days. Following post-procedure care instructions is crucial for minimizing discomfort and promoting optimal results. Apply ice intermittently to the treated areas to reduce swelling and avoid strenuous activities for the first 24 hours. Additionally, refrain from rubbing or massaging the treated areas to prevent the neurotoxin from migrating to unintended places.Avoid bending or laying down for the 4 hours post-injections By adhering to these recovery tips, you can enjoy the full benefits of your Dysport treatment, achieving a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Long Lasting Results with Dysport

Dysport results typically last between 3 to 5 months, although individual outcomes may vary based on factors such as metabolism and lifestyle. To maintain the smooth, youthful appearance achieved with Dysport, periodic touch-ups are recommended. Regular follow-up treatments ensure your facial features remain refreshed and free of dynamic wrinkles, allowing you to enjoy sustained, natural-looking results over time.

Dysport vs. Botox- What is the difference?

Dysport Before & After Photos

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Dysport Treatment FAQs

Dysport is FDA-approved and has been extensively tested for safety and efficacy. When administered by a qualified professional, it is a safe treatment for reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
A typical Dysport treatment session lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, making it a quick and convenient procedure that can easily fit into a busy schedule.
Yes, Dysport can be safely combined with other treatments such as dermal fillers, laser treatments, and chemical peels to achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation.
You can typically apply makeup 24h after your Dysport treatment, but it’s best to consult with your practitioner for personalized advice based on your specific treatment plan.
Dysport treatments can typically be repeated every 3 to 5 months, depending on how quickly your body metabolizes the neurotoxin and the longevity of your results. Regular treatments can help maintain the smooth, youthful appearance of your skin.
Common side effects of Dysport include mild swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness at the injection sites. These side effects are usually temporary and resolve within a few days. Rarely, more serious side effects may occur, such as ptosis and it’s important to discuss these with your practitioner during your consultation.

Dysport Client Reviews

I loved my experience with Sarab. This is the first time I've had an injection and it doesn't hurt much. Well done!
Incredible experience, it was my first time getting injected and everyone was so professional and understanding!
Sarab is very professional and made me feel comfortable. She knows her stuff. I'm very happy with the result. Can't wait to see her again in two weeks for another lip augmentation treatment.

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