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Jawline Contouring
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Are you looking to redefine your jawline for a more sculpted and youthful appearance? Explore how our jawline filler treatments at Wisdom Esthetics can help you achieve a harmonious and confident look.

Wisdom Esthetics offers jawline contouring in Montreal to those looking to enhance the natural features of the jaw and chin.

Discover Enhanced Face Contours with Jawline Filler Treatments

At Wisdom Esthetics, we celebrate the artistry of enhancing jawline contours to create a sculpted, balanced, and naturally beautiful appearance. Our skilled practitioners specialize in the precise administration of hyaluronic acid fillers, tailoring each treatment to harmonize with your unique facial features. Whether you seek sharper definition, improved symmetry, or a refreshed look, our personalized approach guarantees results that amplify your confidence and allure.

Interested in enhancing your jawline’s appearance? Schedule a consultation with our experienced team at Wisdom Esthetics and explore how our customized jawline filler treatments can elevate your facial aesthetics and confidence.

What Are Jawline Fillers?

Jawline augmentation using hyaluronic acid, the primary component of our dermal fillers in Montreal, is a popular cosmetic procedure for enhancing jawline projection and contour. Our tailored approach involves selecting the appropriate product and technique to reshape your jawline according to your preferences and anatomical needs. Jawline fillers can address various concerns, such as adding definition, improving symmetry, or restoring lost volume, resulting in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial profile.

What Jawline Fillers Can Do for You

Jawline Filler Pricing in Montreal

In Montreal, the average cost of jawline filler treatments typically ranges from $500-$800 per syringe, depending on factors such as the specific filler used, the expertise of the practitioner, and the complexity of the procedure. It’s advisable to schedule a consultation for a personalized quote based on your individual enhancement goals. Jawline fillers can go anywhere from 2-8 syringes depending on the goal and your natural facial structure.

Wisdom Esthetics Exclusive Jawline Filler Pricing

Experience jawline refinement at 450$ per syringe. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your unique needs!

How Does Jawline Filler Work?

Jawline filler works by strategically injecting hyaluronic acid-based fillers into targeted areas along the jawline. These fillers are designed to add volume, contour, and definition to the jawline, creating a more sculpted and defined appearance. The process involves using a fine needle to administer the filler, which is carefully placed to achieve the desired enhancements. Numbing cream may be applied beforehand to ensure comfort during the procedure. Over time, the filler integrates with the surrounding tissues, providing natural-looking results that enhance the overall facial profile.

Preparing For Jawline Filler Treatments

Preparing for a jawline filler procedure involves several key steps to ensure optimal results and a smooth experience. Firstly, it’s important to schedule a consultation with our experienced practitioners to discuss your jawline enhancement goals, share any medical history or medications, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Prior to the procedure, avoid taking blood-thinning medications or supplements, as these can increase the risk of bruising. Arrive at your appointment with clean skin, free of makeup or skincare products, and consider wearing comfortable clothing to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Lastly, follow any pre-procedure instructions provided by our team, such as avoiding alcohol and smoking, to promote optimal healing and results.

What to Expect After Jawline Augmentation

After jawline augmentation, you can expect some mild swelling and potential bruising, which typically subsides within a few days. Following post-procedure care instructions, such as applying ice intermittently and avoiding strenuous activities, can help minimize discomfort and promote optimal healing for your enhanced jawline contours.

Long-lasting Results

Jawline fillers typically last between 8 to 24 months, although individual results may vary based on factors like metabolism and lifestyle. Periodic touch-ups can help maintain your enhanced jawline contours over time.

Post-Jawline Injection Care

During the first 48 to 72 hours after your jawline filler procedure:

Jawline Filler Before & After Photos

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Jawline Filler Treatment FAQs

Discomfort during the procedure is minimal, Some patients may experience mild swelling or bruising post-procedure, which subsides within a few days.
Yes, jawline filler treatments can complement other procedures like chin fillers or Botox for a comprehensive facial enhancement.
Common risks include temporary swelling, bruising, or tenderness at the injection site. Rare risks may include infections, arterial occlusion or allergic reactions.
The number of sessions varies based on individual goals and the desired level of enhancement. Many patients achieve their desired results in one session, while others may benefit from additional treatments for more significant changes.
Most patients can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure, although some swelling or bruising may occur initially. Full results are typically visible within a few weeks as any initial swelling subsides.

Yes, hyaluronic acid fillers used in jawline enhancement procedures can be reversed using an enzyme called hyaluronidase if necessary. This offers flexibility and control over the results.

Jaw Contouring Client Reviews

I loved my experience with Sarab. This is the first time I've had an injection and it doesn't hurt much. Well done!
Incredible experience, it was my first time getting injected and everyone was so professional and understanding!
Sarab is very professional and made me feel comfortable. She knows her stuff. I'm very happy with the result. Can't wait to see her again in two weeks for another lip augmentation treatment.

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